PALLAVICINI Giancarlo, (Prof., Academic), economist, writer, journalist. born Desio/Milan, Feb. 12, 1931


car.: first economic consultant from the West engaged in promoting economic Perestroika in the  USSR, with M.S. Gorbacev and L. Abalkin; first scientist from the West nominated Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences - RANS; mem. Convention of European University Directors; dir. cultural patrimony and environmental economics section of CREA, and prof. SDA Bocconi School of Management, Milan; founder PRALT, Bocconi Univ. - EEC Studies and Documentation Centre, and promoter of CESCOM, Bocconi; chmn. Euroconsulting (Italo-Russian joint ventures representative official consortium and groups); gen. secr. Mediofactoring (Intesa/San Paolo Group) and C.G.M. International (Banca Cariplo, Generali Assicurazioni and Merzario); board mem. Norfinance Italia (Banque Cantonal Vaudoise, Lausanne, Banque d'Investissement Privès, Paris); mem. steering committee AICM (Italian Association of World Trade), representing the bank sector; mem. ministerial and regional commissions of restructuring, finance and foreign trade; consultant to financial concerns, firms and public bodies and UN organization; mem. of USSR and Russian state organization for reform of the economy; since 1988, proprietor Studio Pallavicini - Ricerche e Metodi (consultant organization for planning and financing), Desio/Milan, and vice-chmn. International Consortium Masterpieces of Art, Moscow and St. Petersburg; since 1992, vice-chmn. International Kondratiev Foundation (care of Institute of Economy of the Russian Academy of Sciences - RAS), and mem. scientific panel International P. Sorokin - N. Kondratiev Institute (Russia, USA); since 1992, chmn. International Association of Intellectuals Myr Cultura (Russia, Europe, USA), mem. scientific committee Accademia Studi Mediterranei and Centro Internazionale Studi Michea; since 1998, Academic of the prognosis and cycles section, Russian Academy of Natural Science; consultant to financial groups, banks and industrial companies in Italy and abroad

publs.: in his oeuvre: author, with Armando Sapori, of "Lineamenti di un secolo di economia", Multa Paucis, Varese (1965); "Strutture integrate nel sistema distributivo Italiano", pp. VIII, 351, Giuffrè, Milan (1969); "Il credito industriale", Federazione Casse di Risparmio degli Abruzzi e del Molise (1981); "Return of Pitirim Sorokin", pp. 194, Moscow (2001); other texts and over a thousand papers in economic and financial dailies ("Il Sole 24 Ore"), university and technical reviews, also under the pseudonyms G.C.P., P. Vicini and Gianni Villapaci

aw.: Knight of Science and Art of the Russian Academy of Sciences - RANS; h.c. doctorates from university and scientific academies; Gold Awards from scientific organizations, public boards and economic groups

mem.: Russian Academy of Sciences - RANS, Moscow; Accademia Tiberina, Accademia Teatina and Accademia delle Scienze, Rome; Accademia Studi Mediterranei, Agrigento; Rotary Club Milano San Siro

recr.: archaeology, sailing.

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